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Choosing a host…

Posted by chemicaloliver on 13/05/2009

So I decided I wanted to start a blog, I have a few interesting projects I believe other people in the community would be interested in reading about as I read many blogs of similar projects everyday and am inspired by new ideas presented by normal people. However that raises the question of how best to do it?

Being an ambitious currently unemployed  Computer Science graduate I felt I wanted somewhere to showcase my skills, instantly a paid for hosted site seemed like the obvious option. After many hours of research I came the conclusion it was too difficult to sift through to find the most reliable company, all cheap options seemed to have a large selection of terrible reviews except more expensive companies and the free ones like wordpress and blogger. WordPress and blogger and other similar systems don’t have the same vulnerabilities as shared hosting and I’m not paying for the privilege of being annoyed by bad service which seems ideal. When  decide I something worthy to show using a paid for site I will pay a bit more and have a decent service but for now viva la free blogs!


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