News of The Wolf

Random, hopefully interesting technical ramblings


I am Oliver Smith, a budding developer currently looking to find my way into a stimulating development career. I like hardware hacking, arduino tinkering, new methods of human input and clever uses of data on the internet.

My education and interests have lead me to learn bits of lots of aspects of computing from CSS to SPI, but currently my main projects centre on coding with PHP/MySQL, C usually with a bit of bash or Powershell scripting thrown in. As well as enjoying coding I’m just as much at home inside a computer, reconfiguring a router or being handy with a soldering iron.

I’m currently have a battle in my mind about moving to Linux, I enjoy and support everything that Linux stands for but, for now, the convenience of Windows is still holding onto me. Currently my desktop dual boots vista and ubuntu (jaunty) and I use ubuntu (jaunty) on my ASRock ION 330 which I use with my tv to run boxee and also as an internal server, running subversion, apache, mysql, php5 and anything else I fancy.

Outside of computing I try to fit in some photography, cycling, light and fast walking and running whenever possible.

Things I’m interested in exploring in the near future include:

  • A PHP framework like Zend
  • HTML 5
  • More Arduino stuff
  • Seeing if I can do anything interesting with an old pager I acquired off ebay

You can also visit my main website here


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